How to connect a Chromecast or GoogleHome Speaker to WiFi at CenterParcs

Mike David Smith
2 min readOct 2, 2019


CenterParcs has great wifi in their lodges, however you need to click through a connect screen to join it, meaning you can’t directly connect devices like Chromecasts. If you have an Android phone, this can be easily overcome.

1. Connect android phone and create a hotspot

Firstly, connect you android phone to the Wifi in your room. You will need to click “Connect” on the screen that pops up. Once the wifi is active, enable “Hotspot” mode on the phone.

On the latest versions of android, the hotspot simply repeats your wifi connection rather than trying to using any data service.

2. Connect a second device to the hotspot

Using another device (not the one being used to create the hotspot), connect to the hotspot wifi network.

This device should have the “Google Home” app installed on it. The app is available for iOS and Android.

3. Setup your Google Home/Chromecast

Using the GoogleHome app on the second device, follow the steps to setup your GoogleHome Speaker/Chromecast as you normally would. The Speaker/Chromecast should be setup to connect to the hotspot wifi network you created in step 1 (NOT the CenterParcs wifi directly).

4. Complete

Each time you want to use the Home/Chromecast you will need to make sure you have the hotspot turned on.

What if I don’t have an android phone?

Sadly this will not work with an iOS mobile device to create the hotspot. But you could share your internet using a Mac or Windows laptop to have the same effect.



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